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PRIMARIA PECICA  * Str. 2; Nr. 150, oraş Pecica, judeţul Arad, Cod poştal: 317235 * Telefon: +40(0)257.468.323, +40(0)755.086.778 * Fax: +40(0)257/468633 * E-mail: primaria@pecica.ro



In the plains area, the impact of urban civilization upon the architectural style has been much more strongly felt in places like Pecica. Nevertheless, alongside of the style of the modern houses, erected in accordance with the latest construction techniques, the style of traditional houses has been preserved or a style retaining the line of older buildings has been developed.


The double-sloping roof of the plains houses was, in the past, reeded and, rarely, tiled, especially in rich people’s houses.


 A particular aspect of the area is the multi-ethic configuration of the plains places: here, one encounters the Hungarian house, the German house, and the Slovakian house. In plains places, such as Pecica, the presence of a house called ”farmhouse” is to be noted. It used to stand away from the village, serving for grain storing, animal breeding, and being inhabited by its owner but also by his seasonal farmhands. Its structure included: the front room, the passage room, the back room, the pantry, the shed. Its size depended upon the material condition of its owner.


Another feature of the architectural structure here is represented by the German house, raised well above ground level, displaying, thus, the higher material status of its owner, with closed gates and windows for whose shape inspiration was found in urban architecture.