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PRIMARIA PECICA  * Str. 2; Nr. 150, oraş Pecica, judeţul Arad, Cod poştal: 317235 * Telefon: +40(0)257.468.323, +40(0)755.086.778 * Fax: +40(0)257/468633 * E-mail: primaria@pecica.ro




 Situated on the Arad Plain, on the right bank of the Muresh River, Pecica enjoys a favorable geographical position., lying near the E 64 international highway,23 km away from the Arad Municipality and 25 km from the border town of Nadlac. Pecica, one of the earliest rural settlements in the Arad county, became a town in 2004.It covers an area of 23,717 square km, arable land belonging to it covering 17,591 km. The area of the intra-town land is of 57 hectares.


Access roads


47 km improved roads, of which 27 km of national highway and 20 km of county road.




11 km.


Neighboring areas


The territory of Pecica lies at the western limit of the Arad county, along the national highway no.7(DN7): Nadlac- Arad- Deva- Bucharest), having a national border-line with Hungary, over about 24 km, to the North, and bordering on the administrative sites of the villages: Iratos, to the East; Felnac and Secusigiu, to the South; Peregu Mare, to the West.




The town lies on two distinct relief forms: a low plain, in the Muresh Meadow, stretching towards the North and North-West, and a higher plain, both very fertile.




The climate is moderate continental, with Mediterranean influence, the mean annual temperature being around 10.8 degrees Celsius.