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PRIMARIA PECICA  * Str. 2; Nr. 150, oraş Pecica, judeţul Arad, Cod poştal: 317235 * Telefon: +40(0)257.468.323, +40(0)755.086.778 * Fax: +40(0)257/468633 * E-mail: primaria@pecica.ro




Wolluwe Saint Pierre


 Pecica has a twinning agreement with the town of Wolluwe Saint Pierre, a district, with a population of 45,000 inhabitants (actually one of the 19 districts of the Capital), a residential area of Brussels. Most of its inhabitants are businessmen, working in high-income domains. As before, in 2006, a Pecica delegation participated in the traditional festivities of  Tervuren Boulevard, organized by the Wolluwe Saint Pierre Municipality. The artistic program, drawn up by teacher Doru Petescu, honorary citizen of Pecica, was highly praised by Belgians. The Pecica stall received one of the highest ratings in Brussels. Wolluwe Saint Pierre is an outstandingly fashionable residential area.


This town-like district has parks extending over dozens of hectares, it has its own Town Hall( led by a Mayor, a Council, and 9 Vice-Mayors( called ”echevins”), each a specialist in a different domain of activity), and a considerable immigrant community. Among the latter, the Romanians are praised for their capacity for adaptation and for their readiness for effort. Wolluwe Saint Pierre is the area of residence for the Belgian elite; a house here may cost up to 2-3 million euros, while an apartment in a house, would cost up to 300-400 euros.


The district has an elderly people’s home, schools, hospitals and a University. It has its own town- planning service, within the Town Hall. It was here, among a few other places, that the microchip identity card system was first implemented; the card also serves as a banking card, for paying parking, and as a driving license.


Wolluwe Saint Pierre is 10 minutes away, by car, and 30 minutes on foot, along  Tervuren Boulevard, from the center of the Brussels Metropolis.


Battonya, Hungary(www.batonnya.hu)


Battonya is a town with about 8,000 inhabitants, situated right across the Romanian-Hungarian border, 6 km away from Turnu. It is led by Mayor Dr. Karsay Jozsef( a Deputy in the Hungarian Parliament), the Vice-Mayor Krezsta Traian (President of the Romanian Self-Governing Minority in Hungary) and the Local Council. Unemployment here is 20%, as a consequence of the decay of the traditional occupation of the population- farming.


Battonya has a massive population of Romanians and Gypsies. The best attractions here are the thermal water swimming-pool and the fair each Saturday morning. After Romania’s accession into the EU, a large number of Romanian citizens bought estates in Battonya, a true Arad community being thus set up here.


Pecica and Battonya are partners in a European project promoting efficient farming. Concurrently, the two towns are striving to re-establish the railway connection between them, also within a European Project.